No-code developer, web designer, Airtable expert, and small business consultant

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Custom invoicing

Create a custom designed invoice that's client ready.

Build a sitemap

Spin up a site map as part of your development process.

Automated billing

Manage your professional life with automated billing.

Work history

Some people find their creativity in art or other similar outlets. While I appreciate those, I've found over the years that I love expressing myself through designing process and systems. There's so much opportunity to express creativity through what's "behind the scenes", and I've built my career around pursuing that.

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As part of our Support Operations team, I help to create processes, tools, and strategies that support millions of our customers. I wear many hats at Airtable and love the opportunity to solve complex problems with a focus on putting our customers first.

As a project manager for a large church I was able to impact a number of areas including scaling new initiatives, technology implementation, financial modeling and forecasting, facility acquisitions, event management and more.

Grew retail store annual income by 150% in a 2 year period through improved internal processes and procedures, improved donor recruitment and procurement strategies, new marketing initiatives, and management of full-time staff and volunteers.

Freelance services

I offer a range of freelance services that span no-code solutions, automations, business process, and website design. I'm an Airtable expert, self-taught web designer (with 10+ years of experience), and thrive in figuring out the right processes and design to support different businesses. If you need a website, an automation, or just about anything else, I'd love to help.

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Designs and more

Who is Matt

A recently developed website for a renownded videographer.


"There's so much opportunity to express creativity through what's behind the scenes."

Custom designed invoicing

Use Airtable to create a custom designed invoice that's client ready.

Copy writing and design

A great website needs even better copy. I can provide examples on request for copy I've written and designed over the years.

Sitemap template

A sitemap template for web developers to plan and share a full content sitemap with clients.

Every state park in Texas 🏕

As a fun weekend project I collected information about state parks in my home state of Texas. You can browse through them all here in a beautiful gallery.

Last updated 9 months ago

Church CRM

A free and easy to manage solution for small churches to keep in touch with their people.

Website designs

Browse through some of my recent website designs for local small businesses and non-profits.

Play martian rails live! 🛤

During the early COVID-19 days I built a way to play a physical board game online with friends. You can see how it's done here, and if you ever want to play just let me know!

New Testament in 10 weeks 📖

If you're interested in the Bible but aren't sure where to start reading, a plan like this may help you get started.

Give your team great coffee ☕️

A glimpse into a small project to stock several coffee bars in an office. If nothing else, check this out for coffee equipement ideas!

Matt's music list

A recently developed website featuring curated music for videographers.

For the Nations

A recently developed website for a global missionary sending organization.